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Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
ambinis quick brine technique:

(I use this to brine my turkey breast)
2/3 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of table salt
one newcastle bottle of beer
12 OZ. water ( i refill the bottle after I pour out the beer)
one tablespoon of garlic POWDER ( not salt).

I use my WOK for this technique.
add alll ingredients to the wok,
bring to a boil.
remove from heat and place washed, dried, room temp turkey breast in liquid.
(if bone in, meat side down)
if boneless, skin side up.
emmediatly cover with ice, enough to totaly emerse breast in icewater with ice on top.
let stand at room temperature for 90 minutes.
remove from brine, season and roast.
pull from heat when temperature reaches 140 degrees, (farenheit, all you canadians) !

This method is very effective because the initial plunge in hot brine opens up the the 'pores'
of the turkey meat. when the ice is added, the meat contracts, pulling in the brine, deep into the meat. the ice will then keep the breast at a proper temp to avoid the growth of bacteria while it continues to brine.
give it a try, we love it so much I make a turkey breast every week !
I'm firing up my offset wood smoker on Friday, would this brine work for chicken as well as turkey? Gonna smoke 3-4 whole chickens. Never have brined a chicken, but hear it's the way to go.
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