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3 albums have pretty much been in rotation this week.

Low- Things We Lost In The Fire

Took me a while, Low has been on my "need to check out properly" list for years, finally got around to it, and I'm relly smitten with this album especially, wonderful vocal harmonies.

Radiohead- In Rainbows

First Radiohead album since OK Computer I can listen to full length, later albums have had their highlights and some amazing songs (Pyramid song, 2+2=5 to name a few), but a load of senseless wankery too, now the focus seems to be back on writing tunes, Jigsaw Falling Into Place is a winner.

Dark Tranquility- Projector

Thought I was done with metal years back, still listened to some of my old favs (or at least one Paradise Lost), but hadn't encountered a metal band for 5 years that had spawned my interest, man that changed with this band. For a year I've been on a ride around their discography, pretty sure not many around here listen to stuff labelled melodic death metal, but labels are misleading, this is quite simply intense passionate beatiful melodic music. Too bad people can't get past the growling.

Wow, bit of an afternoon rant there, oh well
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