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Brendan Langley

The sooner we can play them, the better.

Elway has a big offseason ahead of us. He needs to gear this team up to be better at run blocking, so he can balance this thing out. Until we do that, will be hard to win any championships.

Forward thinking, I think we will hold our own against the NFC West. I know it's easy to pile on the Broncos because they got stomped but I wanted SF to win the NFC Championship because I think we would have beat them. Again, if and buts at this juncture but I think we will do fine against the NFC West next year. I think we could drop a couple in the division, couple to #1 seeds, obviously Seattle will be tough. I think this team is 11-5, 10-6 next year because of the overall schedule. I think that will be good enough to win the AFC West but it might cost us home field advantage.
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