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Originally Posted by smalltowngrll View Post
Thanks for all the support!!

The update....

Paypal issued a refund for most of what I paid and is working to recover the difference (about $20). I'm planning on reporting this guy to the Broncos season ticket office and they can do with him what they want.

They guy could have easily emailed the tickets as he'd done for a few others. Not sure he's really intending to be misleading, but it's downright rude to lie about the fact that he delivered them when in fact he broke every apportunity I gave him.
You get em girl!. I know how you feel about being misled and I totally agree with you 100% to let the Broncos ticket office know since his rights to be a season ticket holder should be removed. A person has the obligation to deliver the tickets once you have paid for them. I have sold Bronco tickets to fans in Denver when I was unable to travel from LA to Denver. For me, I made sure they got to the fans and even had to work with Fedex to get them delivered because of the snow. When I organized the Broncos/Raiders game last year for OM, I made sure everyone had a ticket in Oakland. As a seller/buyer, we should report people who deny us the one passion we all have, that is to be TRUE BRONCO FANS!. Doggone it! (Sarah Palin)
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