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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
Well with the conclusion of regular season iam trueley impressed with how this team battled injuries all season to stay in the race, iam even more impressed with theo and how hes turned it around i was not a big fan of his early on as you all know but he proved me wrong.

Now his true test comes in the playoffs and also the defense for the wild are a very offensive team with some firepower throughout it's lines probably the defense is their biggest weakness that's in our favor also goaltending is pretty good but can get hot if we don't apply pressure early and often but it can be beat (as we all saw today). Iam guessing lamires starts backstrom i will have to find our record vs him but our scoring lines are getting good the stastny,hedjuk,forsberg line looks unstoppable and should give backstrom fits in net.
It'd be nice if Smyth plays in the playoffs like he did today. He should plant him self as close to the crease as he can EVERY time the Avs have the puck in the attacking zone. Especially on the power play.

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