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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Addressing your issue with rick,you seem to be upset that rick isn't being portrayed in the typical fashion. Rick would be a pretty boring character if he was just like every other TV hero/leader usually portrayed on TV or in movies,perfect,never flinching. That would be Cliche. I find it refreshing that he's being portrayed as a great but flawed leader. Everything isn't black or white, which is a strong positive for the show. Like the decision on whether to turn mishon over to the gov.,to the hiker they drove by and ignored. Character development IMO, has been a driving force in the shows success. I'll admit season 2 dragged on a little but
Overall gave the show a stronger foundation in fans getting to know the characters.
I'm not "upset"... just didn't think it was a good storyline to turn the leader/protector of the group into a (temporarily) self-absorbed nutjob who was absent instead of doing the things that the rest of the group were counting on him to do. I'm not alone in finding that particular "segue" to be incredibly lame and annoying. "Flawed" is something anyone in that situation would be... but "insane" is something else entirely and his (scripted) behavior did cross the line into "unhinged".
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