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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I'd be curious to discover what "democratic principles" are. I haven't seen any in years coming out of the democratic party. All I see is a combination of triangulation and respond and react. That's why we continue moving relentlessly to the Right. The Right knows what they want. They want to shrink government until they can drown it in a bathtub while turning the assets of the nation over to the parasites at the top. They have been highly successful at this policy for decades. I have yet to see what line the Democrats will not cross.
I understand your skepticism but it will be better under Hillary. The hartred for Obama is so immense the Republicans can get away with stonewalling everything. Hillary is going to win states like W.V., N.C., Kentucky possibly even Georgia and Arizona. She is going to have a huge mandate going in and with Obama gone I think the Republicans will be more willing to compromise..... I hope so anyway. You know I believe she is going to go middle of the road with her VP choice. Sherrod Brown of Ohio would be a good choice but you never know maybe she will fire up the base with a more liberal selection.
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