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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Why do people think that is reasonable argument Yoda?

An AR-15 shoots a .223 and is semi automatic. The only thing that makes it assault looking is a collapsable/adjustable stock and the pistol grip. It really can't do much more damage then a hunting rifle or a handgun at close range.

So lets say you make the clips only 10 like calif. Fine. But does it really make sense to band pistol grips and adjustable stocks? Seriously explain to me how pistol grips make a crazy killer more dangerous to me at the mall. It just seems like a joke to me.

Thats why conservatives see this is only a start and why we will fight all of it. After this ban someone with a handgun will kill 30. People will say we still aren't safe and make more gun laws. Then someone with a shotgun will kill some people and we will make more laws. i just don't buy that we are less safe now then under the brady assault weapons ban. I feel safer then in the late 80's early 90's where in my area is all about the crips and bloods killing eachother with fully automatic ak-47s and uzis. I am firmly in your camp on that. No full military weapons allowed.

But comparing owning an ar-15 to a grenade launcher is not credible.
You got me wrong. I don't think it is a reasonable argument. I own an AR-15 so I know what they are about. They are nothing more than a small-med caliber over priced rifle that is a very versatile platform. They can be made to look just very intimating with all the bolt on configurations. Nothing nearly as powerful as even the 308.

In all actuality these assault rifles are like BB guns compared to where the shotguns are evolving too.

You can put a 30 round clip on a Saiga 12 guage and empty 00 buck in a few seconds. Thank god this lunatic didn't do this or things would have been far worse.

I was looking at a new style shotgun the other day that was not much more than 26 inches long but could be shot with one hand (12 guage 00 buck). Now that's a lot of power with little recoil & could be hidden under any jacket. It had 12 shot quick change revolving mags. Saw it shoot 36 slugs in under a min. You can buy an extended barrel that holds 9 right now at your local Big 5 sporting goods store.

Guns are dangerous. Any of them are lethal when misused. Our mental health system is broken. Our educational system is broken.

Where do you draw the line?

In the end can anyone really successfully legislate personal responsibility?

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