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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Great post.

But you fail to get that the far left use that tactic to muddle the facts. When they have zero facts to debate with they change the dynamics of the debate/argument with changing the subject. Age old tactic.

Once there is a ban then the slippery slope starts. All of a sudden they Are banning owning more than one single shot guns. Because God forbid a nut jobs could come in with 35 guns and kill folks.

What they need to do is realize it is the NUTJOB that is the problem, not the gun.
Every country has 'nutjobs,' the problem is the easy access to multiple weapons.

If we own a car, we must get a license and liability insurance, but guns, don't require either.

Any 'nutjob' can buy weapons at a gun show and get thousands of rounds of ammo online.

Why is it so difficult to understand that easy access to weapons and ammo is a problem we can address.
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