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Will Parks

Originally Posted by Action View Post
I have not ignored that Wilson has better stats. Matter of fact - I have addressed that multiple times. Are you retarded? Is your memory short?

Only morons - like yourself - ignore the other variables when taking into account the production of ANY player - talent around them and coaching.

It's not even like Cam and Wilson are close in these areas - Wilson's situation is better than Cam's by a WIDE margin.

The offense Wilson is in is also friendlier.

You have not acknowledged any of these details - yet all you can do is tout stats that any one can find and see which number is bigger. If you truly believe that marks the better player - why are you even having a discussion?

Why are you even trying to convince anyone as if people can't see what number is bigger?

Your stupidity is obvious. Your lack of understanding is laughable. You knowledge of football (and sports) is elementary. The level of your logic and thought process regarding this topic is the same as mine when I was in kindergarten.

1 QB has more wins and more passing TDs and bigger stats - he is OBVIOUSLY better!!!

Lets be honest here - you must be a real idiot in person
Your insults show how incredibly intelligent you must be; because, let's be honest here, if there is one trait that marks a genius, its the inability to engage in a debate without resorting to insults.

What you fail to comprehend is that your stance is purely subjective, and simply opinion.

PS-I'm watching Newton play right now; it's pure QB prowess on display.
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