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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
you can compare it any way, Wilson is a better pro QB than Cam right now. I used the stats as a tangible exhibit. You can point to intangible such as he's a better leader, he's more poised late in games, he's a more accurate passer. His teams have had more success under him.

Using stats to reenforce an argument, in every debate, is much more convincing than using nothing more than moticons and family smack. Please, post why, any reason really that Newton is a better pro QB to this point. I have watched both. And am completely convinced, stats or otherwise, that Wilson is a better pro QB than Newton thus far.
You have not watched both play.

You're also full of **** posted..

higher completion %
higher Y/A
higher AY/A
more TD passes per game played
higher TD %
lower INT %
a rating 13 points higher than Newton's
higher career QBR
more 4th Qaurter comebacks
more GW drives
better W/L record
Wilson and Newton have the same exact amount of 4th quarter comebacks at 8.

He's more poised late in games? I can tell you that both Newton and Wilson are extremely poised late in games - to say either one is more poised than the other is just making up bull****.

I can also tell you - that Wilson was shook last week with the game on the line in his own house.

Oh - and that's another aspect I forgot... Seattle has the BEST home field advantage in the NFL as they have the loudest stadium in the NFL.

But you know - let's avoid all those variables when taking into account who the better player is.

All you do is look at stats - and I know you haven't watched Newton play because Panthers are rarely on primetime.

But I'm sure you saw his comeback against the Patriots last year and his 2 comebacks this year right?
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