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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
Thats why I am leery of global warming. You can say 10,000 scientists agree global warming is the result of mankind. Another 10,000 will say mankind is not.
How could you be so wrong? Not just a wrong opinion, but 100 PERCENT WRONG on facts. There are no "10,000 scientists who disagree," and indeed there is no longer ANY DEBATE WHATSOEVER in the scientific community about whether man is the leading contributor to global warming.

February 7, 2006:
Originally Posted by Washington Post
An international panel of climate scientists said yesterday that there is an overwhelming probability that human activities are warming the planet at a dangerous rate, with consequences that could soon take decades or centuries to reverse.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, made up of hundreds of scientists from 113 countries, said that based on new research over the last six years, it is 90 percent certain that human-generated greenhouse gases account for most of the global rise in temperatures over the past half-century.

I'm liberal/progressive, but I am NOT an environmentalist. I strongly advocate drilling in ANWaR ... starting yesterday. Stab a straw deep in the ground, and suck it dry. I'm also not a Gore "carbon footprint" wacko. Nothing anybody does in the USA, or in the West generally, matters much anymore. China and India are 10x our size, and they show zero inclination to put the brakes on the fastest industrialization in history. We'll be lucky if they agree to any environmental regulation.

I'll grant you that Sally Next-door and those like her buying hybrid cars for example, have ZERO afect on the problem. It's 99% about making Sally feel good about herself and looking good to her friends. But that does not mean global warming is a myth - or man is not responsible. It just means there's nothing we can really do about it.
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