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Phillip Lindsay
Default Seattle's Pass Defense

So are these guys really as good as people say? Just look at the list of QBs they have faced so far this year:

Cam Newton
Colin Kaepernick
Chad Henne
Matt Schaub
Andrew Luck
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Carson Palmer
Kellen Clemens
Mike Glennon
Matt Ryan
Christian Ponder
Drew Brees
Colin Kaepernick
Eli Manning
Carson Palmer
Kellen Clemens
Drew Brees
Colin Kaepernick

Kind of puts their #1 ranked pass defense in a different light doesn't it? The only truly elite QB I see on there is Drew Brees and they got to face him twice at home where they are much better while he and the Saints are much worse on the road (Andrew Luck has elite talent, but he isn't actually elite yet). Not to discount that they are indeed good, but seriously does that list not make you think they might have a rather inflated sense of how good they really are? Does that list indicate that they are ready to take on Peyton ****ing Manning? I think they are in for a rude awakening to be honest.
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