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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
There would be a lot of ditch weed with seeds that is no fun to smoke. Good pot takes time to grow right. It wouldn't be much different then expecting some crop like corn to just grow itself by dropping seeds.
This isn't a point about "quality", this is a point about changing the culture.

Clay Seed Balls or "earth balls" (粘土 団子、土 団子 nendo dango, tsuchi dango?, lit. (粘 -Sticky, 土 -Earth) -Clay, 団子 -Dumplings) consist of a variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of clay, preferably volcanic plastic red clay into which various additives maybe included, such as a humus or compost. These are placed around the seeds at the centre of the ball to provide microbial inoculants. Cotton-fibres or liquified paper are mixed into the clay in order to strengthen it, or liquified paper mash coated on the outside to further protect the clay ball during sowing by throwing, or in particularly harsh habitats.

Generally about 5 measures of red clay by volume are combined with one measure of seeds. The balls are formed between 10mm and 80mm in diameter.[1]

Seedballs have use in nearly any regions where plants can grow for reseeding ecosystems into areas of man-made deserts, avoiding seed eating insects and animals, protecting seeds until rains fall to soak the clay ball and stimulating the seeds. Seeds contained in such balls then germinate in ideal conditions for each climate-region.
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