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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
but you should, you lost a roster player, a prospect, and a pick, and got nothing out of it.

then you let your secondary scoring and heart leave via free agency.

on a team that lacks depth, has no secondary scoring, and has nothing waiting in the wings to help fill the void, you guys have turned into the tampa bay lightning sooner then most of us expected, but hey at least you have cindy malkin and flower signed long term, for your sake i hope you didnt give them no trade clauses
They got to the SCF's. That's what they got out of it. They've got talent, but far be it from me to explain to you again how you are always wrong. Plus, with prospects - nothing is ever "proven". If they won the Cup, it would have been worth it. To make that move to put the pens there, was worth it IMO.

One thing with the pens, is they got D talent that can be moved and gonchar's $5mil/yr is soon up.
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