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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
That comparison is pretty lame. It's not like there's a group of miners who were forced out of their homes, raped and murdered and exiled to live on garbage land. The problem stems from people feeling guilty, justified or not, over the way the US shat all over the natives here. I firmly don't believe the children are responsible for the crimes of their ancestors, nor do I believe the victims descendants are entitled to anything, but I also think it adds a level of sensitivity to things that makes these kinds of names unpopular.
So you can't name your team based on people who were shat upon, but you CAN name them after the people who directly did the ****ting?

Makes no sense. But whatever.

Let's just not pretend this is just about "Redskins" Virtually every major sports franchise that a PC argument can be made for will become a target sooner or later. If they haven't already.

The question is how much do we want to sanitize our full history, including our sports history, in the name of politically correct bull****? Where does this end?
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