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Keary Colbert

Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
I think he is going to San Diego, there is somebody there dumb enough to give him a fat contract. This idiot used to work for the Dodgers...(hint: he inked Drew to a 5 year 55 million dollar contract.) Though he is an assistant GM there, Im sure he will lobby for Drew.
Fact 1: JD Drew had 83 walks last year. Fact 2: His on-base percentage was more than 100 points higher than his batting average. Fact 3: DePodesta values on-base percentage more than any other offensive stat (it's why he gave Drew the big contract, went after Hee-Sop Choi, etc.) Fact 4: DePodesta works for the Padres Fact 5: If the Padres sign JD Drew to a long, fat contract, both DePodesta and his boss will be looking for work within two years.

I'm a [I]huge[I] Dodger fan (season ticket holder) and I can say in all honesty that JD Drew is a decent outfielder. I said all year long that if he were making 4 or 5 million per year he'd be fine. But at $11 million (or more next year) he's a joke and the GM who signs him will be stuck with a fat, untradeable contract that could destroy his franchise for several years.
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