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Howard Griffith

Originally Posted by crawdad View Post
Nice looking ride, my brother!
She's been good to me. I "stole" it from a friend of a friend who bought it and then it scared the **** out of him (too big for his skinny ass) Got it for almost half price with only 600 miles on it.
Now I wanna step up a smidge to be more comfy for those real long trips.

I really like the Vulcans. They will beat the snot out of a hog in the hills and the altitude change doesn't affect them one iota. I've looked at the 2010-2000cc classic and am almost convinced I'll bring one home in the fall, but spring isn't a buyers market.
Have many friends who drive hogs, and although they are nice, they aren't as maintenance/ trouble free. Now, if I find a deal I can't refuse, I may bite.
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