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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister View Post
The Chiefs offense has not been good anywhere really, this season.

We are averaging 19.6 OPPG at home. Defensive and special teams TDs account for the rest.

Score 21, beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead, most likely.

I think the reason the Broncos played slightly conservative on Sunday is they know you have a very good chance of beating KC if you don't turn the ball over.

It's looking like the weather will be about the same so no break there for KC. We might have a better chance if it rains or something.
I think the Broncos also ran alot to keep play action alive/your pass rushers at bay, which I suppose worked. I do hope they open it up a little more though next time out. And please no 2nd and 10 runs.
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