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Who cares what people though as they were coming out of college? Brady went in the 6th...

Tebow took the second worst team in the league to a playoff win. He did this after being spotted a 1-4 record. Cam started from day one and lost a ton with the worst team in the league. Tebow easily outperformed Newton. Both have a lot of growing to do though. It really isn't about right now. What really matters is what each develops into after a few years of experience.
I think both QB's have tremendous upside. I think the downside of Cam though was shown in the way he packed it in and showed huge character issues at UF. The time will come, likely next year, when he'll face serious personal adversity. If he reacts the way he did @ UF, he'll have a hard time making it in the NFL.

Meanwhile that week before the PIT game had to have been unbearable for Tebow. It was hard to stomach some of that **** even as a fan. We gave a kid a 1-4 team. He eeks them into the playoffs, and (setting aside the OM) the media spends all week talking about benching him during his first playoff game for Brady Quinn. Brady Quinn.

Tebow comes out firing, despite another completely lackluster offensive plan and puts out the best game of his career. While Mike n Mike were predicting it would be his last game as a Bronco.

Think about that. You can't draft that kind of poise. You don't know it until you see it. Had a Steeler fan basically tell me after that game. "Tebow just has 'IT'" Big Ben has "IT" Tom Brady has "IT" You can't even put a finger on what 'IT' is, but Tebow has 'IT' You put the game in Tebow's hands at the end, and good things are going to happen"

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