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Originally Posted by Al Wilson View Post
Why so offensive? He is right you know. 11,000 is pathetic when you got Crosby playing too.
Man reading comprehension must be at an all time low.

He wasn't talking about when crosby was playing - he was talking about the span of time when there was no mario, jagr, kovalev, lang, francis, etc - when they sold the whole team off for cash & kris beech. When Ryan malone & Dick Tarnstrom were the leading scorers for the team. Yes, when they won like 11 games - they still had about an 80% fill rate. WITH NOBODIES they still got an 80% fill rate.

Now with crosby playing, etc - they had great attendance. But of course you Pens haters don't see facts.

So again in honor of Mock - until you get the facts straight -

STFU Dimwit - go buy a vowel 8ui0-q38u032;
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