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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Not even close. There are established Republicans that have never been what TP stands for. Sure they might be more fiscal than Democrats but they didn't speak up during Bush's terms. They can pretend to be "fiscal conservatives" but I don't think they are backed by these TP groups. What Republican base aka politicians spoke out on much of the spending? I didn't hear too many from Washington DC. If you are talking about the base as in the conservative voters, they never formed a backlash like they did 5 years ago. It should have been formed at least during Bush's 2nd term.
Tea Party people you saw were common folks and many didn't have a clue how the (corrupt) government works and ran for local and state elections. Some might say that big money "backed" the groups but the face of it sure wasn't the Koch Brothers or any big time Republican. These groups are actually doing something about it but not sure in the end if they will be successful. We shall see if they keep their selling points to not only their own candidates/elected officials but also whoever is in office. What they are doing now is fine but what they do in the near future will tell us if they were just Republicans pissed off that a Democrat was in office or are they true to their beliefs. We shall see....
Republican base,plain and simple. The "silent majority" is more like the " loud minority". Tea party was and is about the Koch brothers. The TP rallies were fully funded by them. No Koch bros.,no TP rallies.
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