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Originally Posted by 91BRONCO View Post
Mexican food can be so regional. It really just depends upon your expectations sometimes.

TexMex, Colorado Mex, New Mexico Mex, Mexican Mex, etc.

The food can be so different depending on the style it was prepared.

For my buck it's hard to surpass some traditional tacos served on corn tortillas with onion and cilantro. Add in the salsa bar with a myriad of salsas/pickled vegetables and I'm content. Some of the meats can be a little intimidating at first but very tasty if you give them a try.

Damn, now I feel driving to pick up some tacos

As for Colorado Mex, I'm a sucker for crispy chile rellenos with extra spicy, extra Colorado style green chile with a tortilla or two to mop up the excess. Very gringo, I know, but I like what I like.
There's a new taco joint in Bel Mar shopping area in Lakewood called Rocko's. Fantastic stuff, exactly what you're talking about. Service is a little iffy sometimes, but the food is spectacular.
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