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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Plenty of good food options if you know where to look/who to ask. Bones (across from the highly-overrated and jesus-christ-what-did-I-just-do-to-my-toilet stylings of Benny's at 7th and Grant) is fantastic, but not great for kids; Euclid Hall is terrific; I really like Patsy's Inn in the Highlands for Italian; La Loma for Mexican.

Seafood can be tough, but there are some good spots for Fish & Chips. Try Finley's Pub, GB's, and Spot in Wash Park. And there's some excellent sushi spots: Sushi Den and Isakaya Den are both wonderful options, and though I've only been to Sushi Sasa once, it was really good as well.
My difficulty with Mexican food here is that I spent a great part of my youth surfing up and down the coast of Baja and Socal. The Baja and Sonoran cuisine that dominates there are completely different from the Chihuahua/Tex-Mex which dominates here. As far as seafood goes, I just pulled too much seafood out of the ocean with my own hands and grilled it fresh to ever find a good substitute this far inland. I'm spoiled.
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