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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
This is true.

Everyplace has the chains now, outside of them though a lot of towns that I have lived in or around (I moved about a dozen times before I was in high school) always had a couple regional specialties that you could find.

I guess living in the Chicago burbs has spoiled me as well, Chicago has not only the great Deep dish pizza, even the thin cracker crust is good here, but we have the regional Brats, Italian Beefs (which are my personal favorites) and the Chicago dogs. Throw in the good strip mall mexican joints and you can eat something totally authentic and different every day for a couple weeks until you have to repeat. That is not throwing in the fancy stuff downtown. That is a whole other animal and price range.
Amen brother- I make it out to some of those joints every now and again here in Denver but the budget does not allow as much as I would like.

While Denver is not the culinary hotspot other cities may be I feel like we are starting to put ourselves on the map.
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