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One other item to note is that there was a lot of controversy and subsequent dissolving of alliances at the start of the game. In the main forum it looked as if there was a rat among one of the alliances who ended up feeding the other side an infamous PM.

Well when we disabled Conklin from being Elim Garak we saw a conversation between him and the Mole through PM's. It turns out the rat was Conklin. He was given the login of another player so that he could play for that other player the first week of the game, while the other player was away. When Conklin logged into the other players account he saw the PM and forwarded it to his alliance.

This was borderline cheating, and as Conklin was already eliminated from the game and removed from the roll of Interloper, coupled with the fact that we were not sure who the other player involved was, we let it go.

I am sure you guys can figure out who the possibilities are.

Needless to say JCM and I plan on running this again next year, and at this point Conklin will not have an official roll in Survivor again. Which is a shame because he has some crazy awesome ideas. In fact starting the game with back to back blackout rounds was really his suggestion. It did a lot of good in creating suspicion and drama. He was given the roll of Interloper because he had some good ideas. Unfortunately he also abused the trust given to him.
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