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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
Okay a Guy coming off his couch week 7, NOt knowing the offense, The players, and not having his top running back to lean on. Was better than your QB. (it's funny but I don't remember you or any bronco fan feeling that way last year)

You forget the fact that the Bronco were the top rushing team largely because of that QB, Sure wasn't the talent they have at RB. More garbage.

Now your counting On a 36 year old QB, with four neck surgeries , who didn't play at all in 2011, has lesser weapons than he used to working with. Now he going to elevate those WR to a new level. Sing along When you wish upon a star.............

When it's all said and done ,you just might wish you had that other Qb leading you. As a Raider fan, I'm Glad Tebow is gone. Might not have be a NFL caliber Qb but he was one tough SOB to play against.

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