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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
So you get a top 10 pick to catch TDs and he doesn't do that so you now have to realize this fact and go get another guy to do what your big time, top 10 pick was supposed to do.
You are in serious denial if you think having Tebow at QB is actually helping out wide receivers improve. DT and Decker will thrive in a Manning QB system.

As you would type ,"YOUR retarded" (easy there grammar nazi)
Again judging a player on his TD total is assine. I used the perfect example- Plaxico Burress as why that is the least important stats for a wr. Also a Wr catches a bomb inside the 10. You have a rb that can get it in the endzone. Are you going to take a chance putting it up(turnover) or pounding the rock.

Your Wr corp is utter garbage and not even Peyton manning going to change that fact.
You don't think Tebow (a big part of the running game) defenses weren't cheating up more defenders to defend that. That doesn't open up the passing game when you elect to surprise them and throw it.

Okay that is what we call common sense, something Bronco fans don't have.

Can't wait till week four when the raiders come away with another victory in our home away from home.(when was the last time the Bronco's beat the Raider's at home)
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