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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
No it isn't! Based on what? Eric Decker caught Eight touchdowns last year with a running back throwing him the ball and scored a touchdown on special teams. Demaryius Thomas had the same number of TD's as Hayward Bey and missed half the season with a broken hand.

The only receiver that worries me is Jacoby Ford. I think when Hayward Bay starts getting challenged more he's going to shut down. I think he's one big hit away from getting alligator arms.
Now TD is the most important stat for a WR(how lame can you Bronco fans be). See plaxico Burress. He did nothing from 20-20 all year for the Jets. Once he got in the redzone he was very effective, So your telling me we should ignore all of that. Just go by his TD total to judge if he a top wr still in this league.

Dhb probably never going to be a big Td guy. Juron Crimner will come in when Raiders get in the redzone to replace DHB. From the 20 - 20 yard line he is always going to be effective.

Sorry Decker and D thomas aren't that good and my point will be proven with Peyton manning the Qb. If manning can't make you look good, than your garbage. (See D thomas)
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