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Casey Kreiter

Big time. I used to be a big scotch drinker, but the last 4 or 5 years have been pretty devoted to Ryes and Burbouns. Some favorites:

Four Roses - one of the best cheap bourbons you can buy and their Small Batch and Single Barrel are fantastic

Redemption - it's relatively inexpensive and really good on ice

Buffalo Trace - always great and used to be a lot less expensive than it is now

Rowan's Creek - it's a little bit sweeter than I normally like but it has some nice spice to it. It's really easy to sip but be careful because it's 100 proof.

Bulleit Rye - It's a pretty distinct and all around great Rye that I could easily pick out with a blindfold on. R0easonably priced.

Templeton Rye - My go to when I'm willing to spend a little extra

Alberta Rye Dark Batch - Blended Canadian Rye, I can't explain this one, you just have to try it. Might be too sweet for some Rye drinkers but I think it's fantastic.


Lagavulin + Laphroaig
I want it Peaty as **** or it's not worth my time. Pretty much only 2 that cover it for me.

I will say that I haven't had too much in the way of Japanese Whiskey due to the price point, but in general I have been really impressed with most of the ones I've tried.

When you start dabbling in rums, give me a shout I have a lot of suggestions there as well.
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