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John Mobley

I can't believe this crap. Oh hell, yes I can. A bunch of sniveling, supposed men, whining about everything that doesn't go their way because it's their time of the month which happens to be 3 weeks out of the month. Not one vote did I get until almost the end and then we have some anxiety ridden about their manhood guys who couldn't possibly let a woman win and upsurp their dominance. Grow a pair? Hell you'd have to have a testosterone starting point to do that. What do you call the men on this board who have 99% of their brains missing? Castrated. If you felt like I cut your balls off being in this game don't worry, there were none to cut off. Big bunch of ****ing crybaby b****es, and then we have a guy vying for the top spot WHO'S DEAD! What the hell is that ****? "Oh dear, we have to make sure a male wins". None of you have been circumsized because you're all complete d ic ks. **** you all and out.
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