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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27 View Post
Right. So how is it people are roaming around this WH moving freely into supposedly secure spaces with recording devices? Answer...sheer incompetence and a clueless, abusive and unstable work culture breeding a need for people to protect their ass against just the kind of thing that happened to her with Kelly. He's a total snake, and I wouldn't doubt that other people are also doing this **** just to protect themselves.

I can't stand this Omarosa, but she obviously is smarter than the morons above her in this situation. In fact, she's going to make bank off her opportunity to **** them over, even though everyone knows she's a complete sellout. She's smart enough to realize that being a scumbag no longer matters if you've got something people want to hear.
Isn't that the basic model for reality TV?
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