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Royce Freeman

Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
When you enter a SCIF, it is dependent on the individuals to leave phones, fitbits, other wireless laptop, tablets, PEDS in the lock box at the door/enterence. I have seen people walk into SCIf space with their phones before, it is security violation and you can be fired for it.
Right. So how is it people are roaming around this WH moving freely into supposedly secure spaces with recording devices? Answer...sheer incompetence and a clueless, abusive and unstable work culture breeding a need for people to protect their ass against just the kind of thing that happened to her with Kelly. He's a total snake, and I wouldn't doubt that other people are also doing this **** just to protect themselves.

I can't stand this Omarosa, but she obviously is smarter than the morons above her in this situation. In fact, she's going to make bank off her opportunity to **** them over, even though everyone knows she's a complete sellout. She's smart enough to realize that being a scumbag no longer matters if you've got something people want to hear.
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