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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Well that wouldn't work. Clady's really proving instrumental to our super bowl run.
Heh. It would be nice to have a do-over. I remember wabbit thinking they would trade up for Thomas while rumors were widespread about Denver's interest in the #2 pick and several people here (myself included) were drooling at the thought of Peterson in Shanny's system. It's easier to dismiss Clady this season because he's gone for the year, but he's an important player on this team. Trade him for those guys, though? Sure.

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Since when were we going to trade up for Megatron?

We moved up for Jarvis Moss. How do you expect we would have gotten from like #20/#21 to #2?

Never heard that rumor.
You can find the links that came out a few years ago about it. Apparently the initial offering was Denver's first that year, along with Al Wilson and some other garbage that eventually became part of the Dre Bly deal or something. After that they allegedly offered multiple early picks that year and their first the following year (which became Clady).
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