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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
I've heard that MLB is thinking about giving A-Rod a lifetime ban for this latest PED issue....I actually think that's bull****, and I'm no A-Rod apologist.

I could see a 50 game suspension or something like that, but you don't even have a positive test to go on.

I think MLB and the Yankees are working together to try and figure out a way to avoid paying A-Rod the remainder of the money owed to him on that huge contract they signed him to.
Im surprised the insurance company responsible for his salary this season (if he doesn't play) doesn't jump in and threaten a lawsuit against the Yankees. I hate ARod but I think Yankees are in the wrong especially if ARod says he is ok to play and can prove it. Yanks signed him and I would love for that team to be stuck with paying him what he doesn't deserve. Great laughs!
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