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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
A-Rod is close to 3,000 hits (2,901 hits) and 2,000 RBIs (1,951 RBIs) know he wants to at least play long enough to reach those 2 milestones.

Only 3 players have reached 2,000 RBIs (Aaron, Ruth, Anson), with Barry Bonds getting very close with 1,996 RBIs.

As for Miggy, if he can stay healthy, he will put up some monster numbers. I know it will be a risk re-signing him to a big deal in his 30s, but the Tigers almost need to, as he is the face of the franchise. Not a major priority right now though, as he is signed through the 2015 season.

Miggy just turned 30 this season and already has 1,039 runs, 1,938 hits (should go over 2,000 hits this season), 406 doubles, 353 HRs, 1,222 RBIs, and a career batting average of .321.
If ARod didn't have the injury issues the past few years, we're probably talking about him having say 3,100 hits, 2,000 runs, 2,100 RBI's, 680 homeruns and say 550 doubles, rounding here and there.
And the thing is, I would argue he is still a valuable player when healthy, at this point, can still hit about .275/.280, hit around 30 homeruns, drive in 90+ runs, etc.

With Cabrera, it will be interesting to see how his trend continues.

Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
I think Detroit has talked with Miggy about a contract extension already for 3 or 4 years that would tack on to the end of his deal that runs through 2015, which would then run until he is 35 or 36 years old.
If I were the Tigers, you gotta extend him, especially since his play hasn't diminished at all. With Pujols, his play was declining, not with Cabrera so it would be safer in my eyes.
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