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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
You know, even though Pujols numbers have dipped to being an average 1B, his overall numbers are still staggering.
If he just keeps up a 150 hit, 25 homeruns, 25 doubles, 90 RBI and 80 runs scored pace for only 4 more seasons, he'll basically have 3,000 hits, 1700+ runs scored, 1850+ RBI's, 600 homeruns and 625 doubles. And at this point, he'll still have a couple more years available as he'll be 37/38.
Side note, I never knew ARod was so close to 2,000 RBI's.

Its going to be interesting what Cabrera's numbers will end up looking like. Since Pujols has slowed down, I think Cabrera in the end could surpass Pujols' staggering numbers now. That is, unless Cabrera somehow goes through a Pujols-esque funk at around 33 like he did.
and now he might be out for the season.
the Cards are looking smarter and smarter for walking away. then again, Texas isn't looking to bad for letting Hamilton go either.
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