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Originally Posted by Action View Post
Fox always talks about not getting to high or too low...and staying focused. You see it week in and week out.

I think it works during regular seasons and most cases, but this time, Seattle just got off to such a hot start and they maintained their level of intensity and energy throughout the game. We never made them step back and refocus.

With that being said, Pete Carroll isn't a Hoorah coach like Rex Ryan, as he always just preaches to be yourself...I think it has a lot to do with personnel.

People want to blame Fox for this, but let's not forget Bill Belichick is the EXACT same way when it comes to this...Patriots are all about being cool and collected.
Bull****. Belichik is an intense gameday coach.

Yeah, you said above "We never made them step back and refocus." That's what the Head Coach does, he turns things around in big games, that's what he's there for. He's the leader of them all, he makes a difference. Fox doesn't make a difference on gameday.
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