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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
According the Nuggets board "inside source" (and the guy has been spot on about everything that's gone down this offseason so far), the Nuggets have reached an agreement with Chicago to acquire JR Smith for Howard Eisley and 2 2nd round picks.

Smith fell out of favor in New Orleans and the Bulls have no need for him. He can be erratic, but he's young and he shot 37% from three point range last season, so I guess it makes sense. The Nuggets are basically giving up nothing for him, so I'm cool with it.
Speaking of And1 showboat ballers you just acquired the player president of Rucker's Park. If you remember the McDonald's 2004 high school all-star game Smith was pulling up for 30 foot three pointers and his shot selection didn't change once he entered the league. After a promising rookie campaign in which he averaged 10 pts per game he was benched by Byron Scott during his second season for not playing "winning basketball." The other day Scott gave an interview and basically said he was "uncoachable."

There is a reason the Hornets and the Bulls want nothing to do with this kid. What is even more amazing the Bulls didn't want anything to do with him and all he had was one year left on his contract and they have the smallest backcourt in the league. Paxson said he was "looking for some height in the backcourt" when he acquired Smith and the summarily traded him off for a bag of peanuts and another midget guard.

Hopefully things turnaround for him. He has all the talent in the world but he just doesn't get the NBA game.

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