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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Nah. Pioli is the reason for this catastrophe. Clark has done a good job as an owner thus far.

The OL has no depth (Hochstein sucks, Lilja can't snap),
you have no WR depth outside of Bowe,
a talented D on paper gives up late in the game,
the front 7 outside of Hali doesn't stick to their basics/assignments,
and the only guy outside of Hali that I saw play with a chip on his shoulder was Dorsey before he got injured.

That's not even mentioning special teams that suck and were getting into fights every 2nd return, Baldwin/Cassel yelling at each in the first half, and Daboll going ape**** on the sidelines.

There are serious problems in the coaching staff all the way to Crennel who looks half asleep on the sidelines.

You don't just need a new GM, but a veteran coaching staff, 2 DBs, a proper NT, two WRs (with Bowe likely out) and break in a rookie QB next year.

That's close to a 3 year rebuild.

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