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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
I don't expect Hunt to do anything in season. If he did, Zorn would probably be the interim HC. I fully expect Pioli to be fired on December 31st and a new GM to come in sometime in January.

As for rookie QB's, the learning curve is no longer 3 years because young QB's are being better prepared for NFL offense's. As of last week, rookie QB's from this class were an even 31-31 and the top 3 QB's have looked really good thus far.

As for the 2013 QB class, I would take these prospects over a lot of draft classes in recent years with the exception of the 2012 class.

A rookie QB is very dependent on where he goes, how set up the team is around him and who the HC is. Case and point, Ryan Tannehill. He's done a great job because of coaching and a defense that has his back. Miami is a wild card team right now. Great coaching by Philbin down there.
Who you going to get to be the HC and turn the Titanic around?

2 HC's in 2 years and it is only getting worse.

Everyone knows Romeo was a terrible move, look at his career winning % but who is the next hotshot HC that is going to make you guys competitive?
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