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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I think if KFC played either the worst team in football ever or the best college team they would drive on them all day have epic stats but the turnovers would make it a blowout.

How do you get strip sacked in the endzone, then the next drive throw a pick 6? then late in the game after scoring your 1st TD and getting a stop muff the punt?

LUTZ is how.

The best part is that Hunt won't do anything during the season, it is not like there is anyone on the staff that can take over from Romeo mid season so they have to watch this abomination for the rest of the year then hope they can find a decent HC and GM that will come there and then hope they hit on the draft!

That is a lot of hoping, and plus there is all those growing pains in order to break in a rookie QB! kFc will suck for a long time to come.
not to mention they likely will be breaking in the QB w/o any decent passing options. Bowe is likely out the door already. New QB will have to learn the ropes throwing to the likes of Baldwin who hasn't shown a damn thing so far as a pro, Breaston, and Moeaki. Charles is a good CoP type of back - good in limited touches, but IMO he's not the type of back you can build an offense around.

Gonna be lots of growing pains. Defense should be stout, but then again, they should be stout this year.
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