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Originally Posted by ludo21 View Post
Without Steve Nash we are lacking our MVP for sure.
The last 3 games we look bad, even in our win vs. Portland we played awful.
Nash is MVP, he makes this offense go, without him, well... just watch a game and u will see.
Nash may be your MVP, but he's certainly not the league MVP.

Nash ran out of gas trying to keep pace with Dirk's Mavs. Dirk's still rolling strong, evidenced by the 38/11/8 night he had last night carrying the Mavs on his back when no one else could hit a shot, and making people miss before grabbing their rebounds on the other end.

It's Dirk's year. The Mavs are on pace for 70 wins. If they get anywhere near that, no one else will be in the conversation. Dirk will win in a landslide.

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