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The thing about PP is he is the most talented CB in the league right now, without Revis being available. He has all the tools and all the ability in the world.

The thing that has always gotten me about him, is he is not consistent enough play to play to say he is the best CB in the league right now. He seriously needs some ADD meds or something because he plays lights out for like 75% of the plays and then the other 25% he looks average. I would not say he takes plays off, he just is not mentally sharp every play or hungry to make a play every play.

He is definitely a top 5 cover guy when he is on, but why is he not more consistent? Why is he mentally not tougher?
The 25% of the plays they weren't his fault MED. On a side note some people say the Broncos would be better off with Peterson than Miller on defense even today. What do you think of that? He is good but he isn't Watt, Miller or Smith type of effect on a defense in my opinion.
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