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The dude I'm most curious about is Maester Marwyn (the mage.)

Seems like he's got a big step up on most of the budding wizards & necromancers.

May very well be the "Arch-maester" for the "magic" link. Already had a big interest in this when most of the others still regarded it as an obscure liberal arts class. To that extent, a rebel within the Citadel.
Connected with Qyburn in terms of undead research. (ghosts)
Trained Mirri Maz Duur.
Has traveled extensively. Also hangs out with numerous undesirables.
He strongly implies to Sam that he has some kind of noble bloodline and seems to be taking him under his wing.
Somehow connected to "the Alchemist." May be in cohoots with Jaqen.
On course to meet up with Dany.
Has been studying this stuff (including the history of dragons) for a long time.

Could be an extremely helpful ally or a very dangerous foe. At the very least a key source of info for the major players.

Unless, of course, Jaqen snuffs him.
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