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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Not as bad but as obnoxious is Red Wings fans bringing those Octopi into the arena last night. Then you have the idiots throwing it on the rink while play was going on in the corners. Why the Wings fans dont get padded down instead of wanded is beyond me.
Went to the game and amazing how many Red Wings fans there are but barely any at the Angels vs Tigers baseball games. Once again, Wings tie it up with barely anytime left. The difference between the Ducks and the Kings is that the Ducks still know how to finish the game. Last five games...5 and 0. I see 8 and 0 come Tuesday night CB24.

Ya it's kinda odd to drag in a very expensive dead sea critter and keep it with you only to waste it and not deep fry it but i guess it's tradition but i really don't agree with any unnessary game stoppages of any kind from fans i have seen dead octopie slow down an opposing teams pressure. If they need to throw it out do it during a tv break ( not during the game )
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