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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
You wonder why people don't click on this thread after a heat win? Have you not seen the endless spam throughout the last 2 years? Other sites have back and forth conversations after a win or loss by both fan bases. Alot of People aren't coming in here after a heat loss to trash that team, they come in here because of maven. It's the EXACT reason why you don't see maven posting after a loss. She doesn't want to get blasted with neg posts.

A good fan is one who acts classy win or lose. Not torching dumpsters and throwing rocks at others.
Go back and look at year one playoffs of the Big 3 and you will see nothing but endless spamming against the heat. Look at last year's playoffs and it will be the same. Most of them being in poor taste. So I don't blame Maven for disappearing cuz the same spammers disappear after the heat win.

But now they will show up and post to prove me wrong...
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