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Sproles also had 86 catches this year, and had more receiving yards than rushing. So I guess Sproles is a WR now.

Anyway WTF is the point?
I think it started as an attempt to say Tebow was surrounded by very strong rushing backs at Florida, and it was not because of Tebow that Florida had success.

And so I guess one of the examples of that was that Florida had a WR running the ball a lot. Somehow that was supposed to illustrate that Tebow was surrounded by great running backs.

But Harvin was not a "running back" in any conventional sense. He was listed as WR, lined up as a starting WR. They had him run the ball just like Royal sometimes does, and now Aaron Hernandez often does for the Patriots.

But he was never a workhorse, and his high yards per carry shows he was used on a lot of "big play" opportunities and jet sweeps.

I agree he's a special player, and one of the most gifted running back-type receivers. But for the original point? Whiff.
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