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Originally Posted by Johnny Football View Post
Terrell Davis had 3 monster seasons, was integral to the teams dominance in 97-98, broke multiple records, was a dominant player, arguably the best at his position over a 3 year period, the best playoff running back of all-time, I can see your argument here.

However, I see the overall impact Peyton Manning had on the Broncos organisation as a whole while doing it from the most important position in football as greater. Manning dragged us out of the dark place the McDaniels era left us in, he went on too also dominate as a Bronco over the next 3 seasons, was a top 3 player over that span, went on to also break multiple records, and he restored respect, relevance, and pride back into the Broncos jersey.

I think it is a fair argument when you look at in an unbiased manner, too each their own though.
Not to offend, but were you a Bronco fan BEFORE the TD years? We were the Bills before TD came to us in 1995. He lifted us from being that team with Elway on it that can't get it done. Mannings years were super fun, but he wasn't even the driver in his Championship season for us. TD was the central figure in the single best seasons of this Franchises career.
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