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Peyton Manning should be higher, in my opinion he is second only to John Elway. He may not have had the long-term Broncos career, or be as popular as other fan favourite Broncos, but his impact on this franchise has been second to only John Elway, while he was here he was top 3 at his position, and without Manning, Denver would still be searching for relevance for the first time since 97-98, Manning brought us that.

Also Champ Bailey was great, he is one of my all-time favourites, and although he was always stuck playing with bad teams, bad coaches, and struggling defenses, he was always top 3 at his position while he was a Bronco, except for probably his last 2 and a half years here. But Von Miller has been a top 3 player at his position for 7 years here now in my opinion, and I think the fact he was the Superbowl MVP, and has a Superbowl ring, I would say he is a greater Broncos then Champ Bailey.
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